TACTO launched with a love for well-designed tools, cute stationery, and a mission to work smarter. We hope to elevate your day by making it a little easier and brighter. We believe that an inspiring space encourages new ideas and solutions; consequently, we present a carefully curated selection of tried & tested items to those that share the same passion.

Previously called Tactile Sensibility, the original name was inspired by an essay written by Anni Albers. With an appreciation for the values of the Bauhaus - we bring to you a curation of stationery that embodies the philosophy of form following function and striving to be better than simply ‘getting the job done.’

Expect to find new selections and classic favourites from Zebra (Japan), Baggu (USA), Ballograf (Sweden), Midori (Japan), Kaweco (Germany), Leuchtturm1917 (Germany), Papier Tigre (France), Appointed (USA), Paperways (Korea) and more international brands.

See our brand list for the complete list of brands we carry.

Based in Sydney, Australia — shipping worldwide.


"we certainly have grown increasingly insensitive in our perception by touch, the tactile sense." 

- anni albers



We really appreciate that you’re reading on and care about the environment.

We’ve read, listened, and watched resources on how to best go forward. While it is impossible to be 100% sustainable given the nature of retail and the uncertainty around the definition, we are trying our best where we can.

We try to pack everything with paper/plant based packaging materials. On odd occasions, our suppliers will use plastic to offer a layer of protection for paper products - which is necessary given the delicate nature of paper-goods. Some exceptions would be if/when we use satchels from Australia Post to fit their guidelines, bubble mailers for protection, or re-using the stuffing from stock we have received. 

Some of our favourite products and brands include:

  • Paperways - Not only do we love their innovative paper types, all of the paper in their products comes from sustainable sources. They use post-consumer recycled paper and print with soy ink.

  • Midori - You would never believe that the P-51 clips are made with 51% paper pulp if no-one told you!

  • Papeloté - We love how transparent Papeloté is with tracing their products for which they locally produce. Paper is from sustainable forestry and pencils are made from trees grown on the sunny slopes Southern Moravia!

Good design and quality materials mean that we can all be less wasteful. By appreciating and taking care of your items, they will last longer and be used more often.